Turning your app’s one night stand into a long term relationship

The average app’s lifespan varies somewhere between that of a moth and a classroom hampster. Basically, it’s short, and it can be even worse for retail apps. Customers don’t have money to spend with a retailer every single day, so why should they have a store’s app living on their device? What can companies do to create lasting utility and give their customers something to do even if they don’t have a dollar to drop?

I recently tackled this topic at Appsworld in San Francisco for a fantastic audience that included mobile leadership from companies like Rue La La, Modcloth and World Market. This presentation looks at some of the various techniques brands can use to first find out what their audience might want before sinking development into costly features, and then how to give them loyalty, gamification, in-store tools and other utilities that keep the app relevant in the time between paydays.