Head of Social at Redbubble

As the 8-year-old company’s first social lead, I evolved the strategy from an artists to a consumer focus, growing all channel followings between 50 and 400%. Led a team of two domestic and three international employees, and integrated social into the company’s email and website.



We launched a profitable influencer program that drove followers, revenue, and brand recognition

The niches and 'tribes' of Redbubble lent themselves naturally to influencer marketing. I helped launch a program working with hundreds of Youtube, Twitch.tv, and Instagram influencers resulting in a quarter million referrals a month. The beautiful, natural photos from these influencers also became an affordable new source of creative. Using UTM tracking, contesting software, and custom promo codes we were able to show real ROI from the program, and extending our affiliate program to influencers helped turn one-off engagements into long-term brand advocacy.

633 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94109