Market Development at Mutual Mobile

Listed as one of Forbes Magazine's most promising companies, Mutual Mobile was a fast growing startup I saw grow from 30 to 300 employees during my tenure. Initially working in content marketing and then later moving to emerging market development, I acted as the voice of the company in content, webinars, white papers, speaking positions and more.

Useful content marketing that brings in customers

Useful content marketing that brings in customers

Mutual hit the mobile trend early, and so for many of the company's clients, no one in the company was leading mobility. Many of our clients didn't know where to start with their mobile strategy, let alone what the best practices were. I worked with engineers and project managers to develop a series of whitepapers that could be used for landing pages, outbound marketing, and collateral. In addition to pushing clients down the funnel, many of these pieces went on to be featured on Slideshare, and several were extremely topical, being released within hours of an Apple announcement.
• Bridging the Gaps in Facebook Connect
• Storyboarding for User Stories
• How Apple's Latest Announcements Affect Ecommerce

Emerging technology

I worked closely with our Research and Development department to conceive applications for new technologies and then put together prototype demos. We worked with emerging tech including NFC, facial recognition, and Microsoft Kinect, and our content was able to seal relationship with many new clients.

Kinect for store windows

We explore how the motion tracking Microsoft Kinect could be used to create interactive window displays that capture passersby.

Death of Steve Jobs

Without Steve Jobs there would be no Mutual Mobile. The company honors the death of this tech legend in this viral content marketing piece.

Coffee you order from your phone

It's so hard to believe, we had to create a video to show it in action. Use your smartphone to order a robot to make you coffee.

Advantages of HTML5

Our lead mobile web developer gives a hands on demo of the advantages of HTML5.

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