Mobile Manager at Forever 21

As Forever 21's first employee dedicated strictly to mobile, I  launched a new HTML 5 mobile site, re-invented the company's app, and expanded their thinking of how all of our touchpoints with the consumer, from coupons to emails, could be mobilized.

Mobile App

Mobile App

We published a 4 1/2 star ranked, cross platform, universal app, driving millions in revenue

Before my tenure at Forever 21 the company had a crashing app driving little revenue and offering no analytics. We relaunched the app with a new design and new features including GPS mapping, barcode scanning, mobile coupons, and advanced Flurry analytics. We also introduced push notifications as a new marketing channel to deliver time sensitive news. In 2013 we also expanded the app to fit iPhone 5's expanded screen size, and created our first Android app opening the company to a whole new audience. One of our most popular features has been our Play section where weekly interactive games are posted for users to have fun with the brand.



We let our fans buy the clothes right off one another's backs by making their Instagram photos shoppable

Following the user generated content trend, we harnessed the power of our over one million Instagram followers to collect pictures of them in their F21 gear with the hashtag #F21xME. I worked with IT to build a moderation tool allowing non-technical users to search and select photos, tag them, and add an associated SKU. This image feed has been tracked into the desktop, mobile site and app, and has been advertised in stores in Spring 2014.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

In addition to our own mobile properties, we also leveraged the power of several vendors and partners including Passbook and Retailmenot to create compelling new mobile marketing initiatives.

Our Retailmenot coupon was delivered across multiple of the company's channels, including via their app where Forever 21 brick and mortar locations were geo-fenced to send users with the app a notice about the coupon. We have also used iOS Passbook to distribute and track coupons via email and social, receiving tens of thousands of downloads and redemptions. Finally, we used short links and QR codes at store openings, along with a responsive mobile site, to encourage contest entry on site. This allowed us to better collect email addresses at these events and eliminated the time that was used manually recording these addresses.


More work examples

Mobile app games

Weekly new interactive games gave customers something to do in the app even on days they didn't have a dollar to spend. These games ranged from hang man, to memory, to puzzles.

Google Catalogs

We used Google Catalogs to create a non-technical way to mobilize our holiday magazine and make ever item shoppable.

Responsive email

With the majority of our emails being opened on mobile, we decided to mobilize the email by making it responsive. On most mobile email clients, users see a specially formatted version of the newsletter.

Mobile Point of Sale

I helped in Forever 21's pilot program testing mobile point of sale systems running on iPod Touches.

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