Producer at Demand Media

Producer at Demand Media

I filmed over 200 video with Demand Media as a subject matter expert on both fashion and iOS technology. Filmed with their Santa Monica and Austin teams, I scripted and hosted each of these instructional 2 - 5 minute videos, and worked with Demand's teams to edit, tag and optimize each one. On average, my videos become profitable after only two years of Youtube ad revenue, and are syndicated through Expert Village, EHow and more.

Activating a tracking device on iPad

Using the Find My iPhone app, this video shows how to track and find a lost or stolen iPad or iPhone

Making band flyers with an app

How to use the app Phoster to create awesome gig flyers on the fly.

Creating drawings on iPad

Apps for sketching and exporting high resolution versions to your photos or email.

How to tie a sarong

From dress to jacket, a variety of ways to wear this tropical staple.

How to dress for a job interview

This video covers interview outfit dos and don't including skirt length, briefcases and more.

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