Give your user what they want, need, and love

A year ago I noticed a sudden growth in referrals and starting poking around to figure out where these new users were coming from. It was a little startup with a funny name but it was sending big numbers of visitors, and they were converting once they got there. Today, Forever 21 is the most followed brand on Wanelo and it’s become an important new tool in our social arsenal.

Wanelo is one of the best examples out there today of pure social commerce, where users don’t just squirrel away pictures for inspiration, they make birthday wishlists and they solicit friends for advice before buying. I dove in head first to the community and tried to understand how users conversed, before eventually reaching out to Wanelo for their feedback. We went on to become a launch partner for the site’s November release of the Stories feature, and have found creative ways to use the sites collections and stories to curate our products into a narrative fans engage with.

This white paper covers some of the tips and tricks I’ve gleaned trying to figure out the science of what users “want, need, and love”, but that said Wanelo is constantly evolving and rules that applied even six months ago have changed to today. I encourage marketers to get their hands messy and start trying to find their way around a social site that shows no signs of stopping.